Light Echoes - Barbican Gallery, London

Light Echoes is a series of artworks in which traces of light are painted onto physical spaces. The project was in collaboration with Aaron Koblin and Ben Tricklebank.

In this site-specific commission for the Curve Gallery at London's Barbican Centre, a laser paints the walls and floor from a track on the ceiling, while viewers follow, leaving their shadow as a unique trace in the process. Each pass is captured by long exposure time-lapse photography and compiled into a growing animation which is revealed at opposite end of the gallery.

The music was created to respond to the ever-changing nature of the lasers. We experimented with different melodies, harmonies and timbres to find a pallet that was at once informed by, and responsive to, its environment. The final product was delivered as distinct elements, played back in synchrony, that were each cued by the rhythm of the moving lasers, the speed of their movement, and the changes in their colors.